Why get counseling only from ECAN

ECAN has already issued STANDARD NOTICES in several dailies and other publications and the mass media to all interested parties and established institutions to become aware of any malpractices existing in this profession and to give notice to ECAN secretariat with evidence for due advice to be given by ECAN and the correct legal action to be taken by the aggrieved parties.

ECAN also plans to advice all students and parents seeking counselling for their higher education to go through only certified members of ECAN.

ECAN also plans to standardise the charges for standard services to be given by all ECAN members.

ECAN members will not be allowed to take unsolicited benefits from their clients - students and/or institutions.

ECAN also plans to take appropriate action against any ECAN member if it is found to be in breach of the ECAN CODE OF CONDUCT

ECAN is non-profit organization but is a professional association of professionals and ethical minded people. It is your association and it's there to protect your rights & interests.

For the sake of our profession we are all bound to be matured and conscientious and find a way to work together - not as competitors - but as cooperators.

We at ECAN are confident that with new blood and new elections and the dynamic leadership that naturally ensues and comes forth, our profession will further flourish to greater heights and WE ALL as Educational Consultants will come to be recognized as a "UNITED TEAM WITH ONE PROFESSIONAL AND ETHICAL VOICE" and respected Nationally and Internationally - in the next decades to come.