NZ Training Course

Education New Zealand Trained Agent

In order to recruit students to New Zealand education providers, consultants are advised to take the online courses available from Education New Zealand’s official webpage. In order to complete this training, there are five steps to follow as listed below:

Step 1 : Complete E - Learning - Seven Online module which take 30 minutes each to complete.Free - work at your own pace in your own place. To start go to :

Step 2 : Record of Achievement -  Once you have completed the final e-learning assesment, a link to your Record of achievement will be emailed to you. Individualised with agent and agency name.

Step 3 : Congratilations ! You are now ENZ trained agent. Note : ENZ trained agent are not listed in our website.

Step 4 : Register for the Brandlab : Click on the Trained agent link in the toolkits tab to access a selection of marketing tools to promote  New Zealand.

Step 5 : Partner with New Zealand institutions and schools -  Build positive relationship with institution and schools and local ENZ team. Maintain high ethical standards.

Agencies with the proven record of success can be recommended by their New Zealand partner institution to become an Education New Zealand Recognised Agency.

To learn more about the ENZ Agent Training program, click here. You can be up-to-date with New Zealand Education’s news as ENZ sends out monthly newsletter. To subscribe to this newsletter, click here.

To register for E-Learning, click here.

Once you become ENZ Trained Agent, you can access to the widely available promotion materials from the Brand Lab page developed by ENZ. To get access to all the materials readily available in the brand lab, click here.

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